that moment
Thursday, March 23, 2017 , 12:41 AM
The Sound of Silence

The eyes are the windows to the souls...
When the mouth is sewn shut and the thoughts linger;
Throw it away into an abyss,
Never to be seen again.

Unable to utter a single word,
You desperately try to find a way to escape.
Failing sooner or later—this, you knew deep down.
You kept all inside the box of thoughts;
Never to be heard again.

Struggling for air and gasping for life,
The search continues to find the meaning;
"What is there to live for, anyway?"
The mind narrates its own story.

The story—its vicious effect to the mind;
Distort the box of thoughts in a way nothing can.
Day by day, the mind becomes crooked.
Alone and in despair,
You lost all hope.

Silence is a powerful weapon.
The sound of silence can break the mightiest of a person...
Slowly sending its victim into a crippling despair,
Mourning for the lost of self.

Its victim always have been the one that is strong;
and powerful, striding proudly with the head held high.
But the barrier of hope soon fell into destruction.
Full of debris, the person tries to reconstruct and recreate...
Soon, everything just falls apart again.

The sound of silence,
Don't let it come get you,
or you will never see yourself ever again.

(I am in no such way is in depression or sad. The idea just came all of a sudden and I thought I would write it here. Though, I am in a bit of a fragile emotional state but I am recovering slowly with the help of my lovely boyfriend)