that moment
Tuesday, May 13, 2014 , 2:21 AM
Life Keep Changing.

So here I am now. Single, with SPM in my head and the people I am here with.

Truly magnificent my life is. Though, I hate it sometimes. The happy spirit I mostly get are from the people I want to be with.

Like my new friend, Nani and my not-so-new-but-not-so-old crush, theyre the people I want to see and make me want to go to school or my family who make me feel like staying home.

Or the new friends I made at school and thanks to Nani because of this. Lalith, Vemal, Kevin, Surin,Guru, Naren, Sara, Huey Teng, Salman and lots more.

I was never friend with them last year because I was always with my old best friend and she too, was shy and didnt make lots of friends especially guy friends but because Im friend with Nani, I meet all this wonderful new friends and my crush too.

So, I guess, I do have some good quality memories to remember when I finish school next year. Hopefully, we will all still be friends no matter if we're married and have kids.