that moment
Wednesday, September 19, 2012 , 4:23 AM
Smile does not always mean Happiness..

Smile can be used as anything and its meaning can sometimes differ from each others. Quirky smile, annoying smile, cynical smile, macho smile, beautiful smile, seductive smile, smile when you're laughing, smile when you're enjoying yourself, happy smile, fake smile and of course, a smile that hide all of your misery. Sometimes, when you see someone smiling, it does not mean he/she is happy. Maybe she was faking her smile to hide her breakup with her boyfriend from her friends, or maybe he was smiling because of a joke his member told him, but inside, he was miserable because of his shortage of money, or a girl who has this beautiful smile that when you look at her, your heart stops? But do you know, behind that smiling face, she was suffering from her past trauma? Her trauma of being raped by a stranger out at a street? Do you, when you see someone smiling,has a thought that cross through your mind that he or she has a lot of misery and troubles that they do not want to share with anybody?
They smile because they do not have the guts to share their problems with others. Or they do not want to share it because they think that others cannot understand them. I have a lot of problems I kept inside but I cannot express it with words and I cannot share it with the others. I want to share it with someone. Someone I can cry with. Someone that hears what I have to say and sit by my side, comforting me. I need him. I really need him. I cannot hold any of my misery any longer. I do not want it to overload my heart and my mind because every time I wake up in the morning, I keep thinking about my problems. I need you, special someone, and I need you now...