that moment
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 , 6:13 AM
Can't Wait.

I'm writing this on my friend's behalf too. It becomes a problem to both of us.

SPM. It's an important event where you have to succeed in it and follow where it leads you. And this SPM is scary.

For some people who cares about their future of course. And we're one of them. But, scary as it is, we both can't wait for it to finish.

Usually, other people would countdown to when SPM start, but us, for SPM to end. I mean, it's only April right now and SPM is like a few more months later. But we both really can't wait.

Because, we have a mission to do. We both have love problems recently. And the only way to reset this is to do it after SPM.

We just can't stand it anymore. I wish time fly faster right now. Like, 3x faster and pufff, we've finish SPM.

I really hope it to come soon.