that moment
Friday, December 5, 2014 , 2:30 AM
Hisoka's Influence

I watched Hunter x Hunter, an anime series and the main antagonist captured my heart the most. His name is Hisoka. And he's the type of antagonist which is self centered, selfish and only take interest in people that interest him. 

For example, he only fight people with the same strength as he is or stronger than him and people that has the potential to crush him in the face. That's how he is. And when he has interest in someone that has the potential (like Gon), he will wait until that person is strong enough to fight with him.

I'm becoming like that, little by little. Now I only have eyes on guys that have the same or higher level in three different aspects:

Intelligence, appearance or personalities.

Of course, I have an eye on a guy that has higher level of intelligence than I am (my kindergarten crush). And of course, I already have an eye on the guy that is very good looking, though he doesn't know me at all (Tae Hyun). But I don't have someone who have greater personalities than I am. 

That, I will wait until someone from that aspect appears in front of my eyes.