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Wednesday, October 14, 2015 , 5:19 AM
My Long Absence

As probably none of the people know, I've finished school like last year and now I'm in Matriculation. Yeay! In KMPh, to be precise. I'm starting to love Pahang actually. It's not bad here. The people are okay even though some don't fit my preference. 

And I've got a new hobby! It's Squash! :D Like a legit Squash sport and I now own a Squash racket but it's a beginner's racket basically so when I finish Matriculation and enters University, I plan to buy a new one. With a bag. Lol I know it sounds expensive but that's all I ever want to have. Oh and a DSLR camera. (I will save up some money to buy all this stuff XD)

Also, I've made new friends. Most of them are guys because majority of the people I met are people that play squash during the evening and they are guys. I have a few girl friends who are my room mates, my class mates and Volunteers during Kakom event. I don't have friends that I go everywhere with them because here, I think it is better to go places by yourself because not all of them have the same plan as you. So yeah.

In term of food, it is okay. Though, there's not as much Western food as in Selangor. T.T But I can survive. Oh but the supplies here like toiletries or stationery are a bit expensive compared to the outside. 

And as in subjects, the only thing I struggle with is calculation. Basically, I understand all the concepts of Physics or Chemistry or Maths but it's a bit hard for me because I'm not a good calculator(?) I can score Biology as that's the only subject that don't have much calculation in it. So yeah. I need to calculate more.

I think I've covered almost all of it. So, bye.