that moment
Sunday, January 4, 2015 , 1:03 AM
2015 is here, wait what?! Nope. Not Going To Talk About It.

Yes, it's here, everyone's talking about it. 2015. Oh it's here. It's here alright. Everyone kept talking about it like, "Oh I haven't showered since 2014" or "Oh I got in my toilet at 11:59 pm and got out at 12:01 am and now it's 2015. *shock face*" Yeah, yeah. It's here but why is everyone's so excited about it? 

I mean, REAL excited. A lot more excited compared to the last 2013 going to 2014 event. I mean, yeah a lot happened. Flood in the East part of Malaysia and it's a lot worse compared to last year. And MH370, MH17 and the recent plane lose contact. And well, I don't actually remember most events though. (My memories,  they really...

Except that last year was my SPM year and now I'm going 18. 18, I tell you. Means that I can go to all the 18+ movie at the cinema. Muahahaha! *Ehem* Sorry but yeah, almost all the movies I want to watch before were 18+ even though it's an action movie. (It's because action movie has violence in it so... 18+

I mean, come on! I've seen a lot more violence in video games and I'm still growing up fine. Not that I'm going to ride some random car and start driving like a maniac and hit every pedestrian I see. (GTA reference there

Talking about GTA, I've always dream about living in that game for once. Like, imagine you could steal a jet and fly or do some cheats and get a jet pack and fly to the highest building and then unbuckle my jet pack and jump down and hit the ground and then, end up at the hospital? Yeah, I dreamed that. I wish I have the power to go into all the movies and all the games I want to enter and start living as one of them for one day. It would be fun. 

Especially Sims Pet. I really really want a cat. Like truly really. (Siberian specifically because I'm allergic to other cats) And imagine building my own house and have my own car after I do the money cheat. I'm a millionaire thanks to that. Or be in a Left 4 Dead game and beat up zombies all day and end up having dreams about zombies the whole week. (I don't know why, I want to fight zombies but I'm afraid of them -,-')

Yeah, that's my wish that will never comes true except in my dream. I always wonder if there's anyone has created a device where I could daydream anything and it would be real even though it's just images projected by my head to the device and make the whole room change according to what I'm daydreaming and make it comes true.. That... would... be... AWESOME! To someone who has a really smart brain and likes creating stuff, please make that for me! I really want it. If I'm a techno freak and I can build stuff, I would have build it myself but my dream is to be a vet, not an inventor.

Yeah, my dreams are well, most of it are stupid. Most don't. Especially when it comes to careers. I mean, I have friends that already daydream about how they want their husband to be like or how their house will be built and where or how many kids they want but when it comes to careers, most of them would say, I don't know or I'm not sure.

Me, on the other hand, would go on and on about my dream careers and when people ask me, I confidently will say,

"I want to be a vet. A successful one. The best out there. Just like what Mr Magendran said. To be one, you have to be the best. If you're a teacher, be the best teacher out there!

but don't ask me about my future husband or my house or how many kids I want. It's not that I don't care, it's just better to leave them be. Besides, I won't know how my husband would be like, would I? Maybe if I say I want a short person, I could get a tall guy. If I say, I want a Malaysian guy, I could get a Vietnamese. (You see what I did there? (; My oppa reference)

And about my house, I surely want a house with a wide backyard so I could do gardening or run around naked (Wait what?)  play with my future sons/daughters back there. It would be fun. And of course, I like modern design, with just a few old-style vintage furniture. And don't forget my balcony. And also, a dancing studio, designing studio, a mini library and room for my cats. Also, room for my other pets like fish, hamsters that don't bite and a snake! (Maybe not)

Oh oh oh oh! And a relaxing room. Wall painted with ocean blue or baby green color, a sofa, a lot of plants and fake flowers ( I have to have fake because real will wilt D: ) and finally, a stereo to fill the whole room with calm and relaxing music. Haih, what to do, I'm a calm person. I like calm things. :3

So yeah, that's 1/3 of my dreams. Another 2/3 is confidential. I know what I want but hopefully, (Not surely enough) I can accomplish 80% of them. I know I can. Hopefully.

So yeah, that's it. Sayonara!