that moment
Tuesday, March 3, 2015 , 7:21 AM
My Results.

So yeah. I've got my results today and I'm pretty damn happy about it. Actually, I'm proud of it. I don't care if anybody question me on why I don't get straight A. 

I'm happy and no one can pull me down. I mean, yeah I have 2C but that 2C's are the subjects that I thought I would failed miserably. 

But I didn't! I thought I would get Additional Mathematics a solid D or E but no! I got C! And I'm happy because I used to fail my Addmaths so many times and I never even thought of getting C but I got it!

And Chemistry too. I thought I would fail that but I don't. I mean, yeah I know I wanted to be a vet so I have to excel Chemistry but I know how Chemistry is and how hard it is to me.

I mean, I feel confident now that I could get both C. I don't care if anyone's disappointed in me. I mean, I know my mom kinda is but at least I got her subject, English an A+. 

It was a burden because she actually IS my English teacher and my mom but seeing my English is A+, then it's good enough.

If I am happy with myself, I am. If I got an interview or something, I will proudly say I am proud with myself, even if I don't get straight A, and even if saying that would make me fail the interview.

I don't know why other people are nervous about me. They don't sit for the exam, they don't write on my question papers and they don't feel frustrated how hard the papers are for me. So, people out there, including my families. 

I love you guys but I know my limits. I mean, I may not have a Maths brain but I am versatile. I may not become a great chemist but at least I can learn things I want to learn quickly.

If you want to be disappointed in me, then go and answer those damn Addmaths and Chemistry questions first and then come back to me. Only then, you can comment all you want. That is if you can get an A+ in Addmaths like Wei Siang always do.

So congrats to those that got all A's or have some B or the same as me or any results you get. Because even if you can't get straight A's, you may have what they don't have; skills. And with those skills, you can be as successful as them or greater.

Also, I want to congrat my friends and of course especially myself. Haha. I never congrat myself and being as proud as I am right now.

Even though I got straight A's in UPSR and PMR, that means nothing. 

As long as I am active, versatile, willing to help others, then I know I can survive in the harsh world. All I need is perseverance and hard work. I know I can. And so do you :D

If you're not proud of the results, then get yo' ass up again, stop yo' tears and work harder and be the boss of others, not work under people.

Friends, I know you can do it. If I can, so do you. :D