that moment
Tuesday, February 17, 2015 , 10:00 PM

Someday, I wish that I could go somewhere that is so peaceful. Like a meadow. Flowers everywhere.

Because I love peace and quiet, with flowers surrounding me and the wind is blowing.

It has always been my dream,

My dream to get rid of all the negative thoughts and just lying on the ground, watching the clouds flying by and leaves falling down.

I always watch pictures of flowers so that I can always be calm, like I am now.

Can someone just bring me there?


I have a calm side, so that's probably why I don't get mad that often. I like the feelings of drifting away in a calm place.

The above picture is an actual picture taken by myself. It was at a flower event (named Floria) in Putrajaya. I know it needs some little editing because it's a bit dark but I like that there's water sprinkled on it. (The water sprinkler was turned on at that exact moment I took the picture.)

I went there and became a bit crazy. Crazy for Flowers. I took a lot of pictures there. And eventually cleared my mind. 

And now, I need more flowers.