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Sunday, November 30, 2014 , 9:44 PM
Friends Aren't Forever, But They Are Something Worth Fighting For.

Yes, friends aren't forever. No. I didn't say friendship. Friendship DO last forever. I said friends. Hey, people die, people get amnesia and forget, people get disease and people changes. 

Friends aren't forever the way they are. They'll change. They'll get old as we get old. They'll get disease and then, they'll die. Friends aren't forever but friendship is. The memories stay when the physical is lost. 

Memories will always stick in your mind unless you get 'nyanyuk' from old age and forget about yourself and others. 

Friends aren't forever but they are worth fighting for. When they are hurt, we shall protect them. If they forget who we are and who she is, we shall remind her over and over again for the rest of her life until she remembers that we are best friends since the dawn of time. 

Every school year, I know different people, different personalities. And in each year, new person comes into my life and blooms flowers inside my heart. But, only a few fight to stay and others just wilt away. 

Some comes into my life, knocks the door, comes in, then chit chat for awhile and go back home and said goodbye. But some not just visit but also decide to sleepover in my life.

They're bound to stay. Just some stay longer than the others. 

Every year, I did a thank you speech to my friends and my friend list haven't change much. But, there are a few fading away and started to say "Thank for your kind hospitality. I am very much enjoy my visit. Goodbye" and walked out the door. 

To Aina

You've been there since I started standard one and now, both of us just finished our schooling. Guess what, it's been 10 years now. 10 freaking years! Since we're both seven and now, we're sevenTEEN. 10 years. It's a very long journey. And I hope it will always stay that way. Always. Until we're both on the bed, sick and old and both 'nyanyuk'. Okay, maybe not the 'nyanyuk' part. 

Being apart for five years since you'd entered the boarding school makes me realized how much I really really miss you. There are times I just felt like crying just because I saw your name. And sometimes, I do cry. We rarely see each other during holidays so now that it's the end of our school years, I'm going to see you more often. 

Remember when I came to your school for the drawing competition and I was sitting on the chair, looking down while holding my 100 plus soda can and then, a hand came into my view and it was you and I jumped up and hugged you with a surprised look on my face? I actually wanted to cry. Like not sobbing. It's literally crying. But I was too excited to see you I forgot to cry. 

That's how much I miss you. Like in a scale from 1-10, you're literally at 10. Because why? Because I felt like I haven't met my long separated twin sister that I've been hanging around together since I was seven. Sisters. Yes I said sisters. You're my twin sister. A bit higher in ranks compared to others. You're my first best friend and will always be.

To Alya and Mila

Alya. You too, went to a boarding school and since that day, I really really wanted to see you. I wanted to hang out together, chit chat and tell me stories about your school. I read your blog and whenever your blog post has my name on it, I smiled. Yes, we'll always be together. Friends forever. Never ending friendship

I miss us, when we hang out together with Mila and play tricks on her. I miss Mila too. The cute little fuzzy wuzzy pumpkin. I miss form 1 but I especially miss form 3. That's the time where we really bonded. I miss the time we talk about Kpop and crush and now, that kpop topic will be the stories of our schools. 

Three different schools, three different memories. I really really miss you. Both of you. On a scale of 1-10, you guys are on the 9. Maybe we can watch movies together, eat popcorn, laugh, gossip, jokes around, play tricks on each others. Three of us ended our school life so might as well enjoy the holidays for a while and see each others more. 

To Nani

Woiitttt. I miss you already. Even though we spent the last day of SPM together, taking photos and videos together. I never expected someone I met at Jusco during my work period and called me 'Kakak' and I thought you were form 3 going to form 4 student would be my best friend. We spent our form 5 life together, since the early year until now. 

You remember about people saying you've changed and everything? Changed or not, you're still Nani. People changes. I've changed. If they say you've changed and don't like it, then ignore them. Friends will always support changes, from bad to good or good to better.
If you're slowly drifted to the bad side, then I'll pull you up and be good again. That's what best friends are for. Even though, we've just hanged out at Jusco the other day, I still want to go out with you. Together with the gang, Sya, Julul, Puyi, Aleeya and maybe next time together with Anis and Diyana. I may not be as close to them as you are but I'll be there. 

So yes, that's my speech from me to them. I may have excluded a few but because we had a fight when we're in form 4 so yeah. Anyway, thank you guys for being true to yourself and me. I love you guys so much.