that moment
Saturday, March 15, 2014 , 9:06 AM
How's My Life Recently.

My life is kinda messed up. No one knows that. I didn't show it to them. I don't want to bother them or burden them with my difficulties I am having. They have their own trouble to deal with.

Behind a curtain of lies hanging in front of my eyes and my smile, I blind the people who is fooled by the long drape and trusting the images I show them without knowing the truth behind it.

All this negative thoughts clogged my head, filling it and turning it into a disaster, a place full of debris. It is making my head falling apart, like a house on earthquake, shaking it vigorously until all what left is an empty site.

I just want to live my life with no worries. But it will never happen.

It has been my dream to travel to a peaceful meadow, full of purple and blue flowers and during the sun set, I sit there with him, watching the sun, while talking about life and laughing together, with no burden on my shoulder until the night sets in and we both just lay there, watching the stars.

Imagine the cold breeze and the peaceful sound of the wind passes by. The sky full of stars and the presence of someone you love makes my heart aches for this situation to happen. How I wish this could happen.

This could make me forget all my problems, my burden, my bad past. All of it. I just want to spend time together with him. That's all.

(Watching these flowers make me feels so peaceful. Even though I know it's edited but how that person edit it to become those pictures are just amazing. The dim lighting and the emphasized colour of the flowers are just so soothing. And how the background blurs to focus and make the objects stand out just wows me. I want to be in the pictures. Like seriously)