that moment
Sunday, April 1, 2018 , 6:40 AM
Hope in Color

Hello new world...
I'm flying through the wind and looking down...
I see colors.

I fly high, beyond clouds,
to see the sunrise become sunset.
Joy spread through its rays,
Will I ever feel it?

Emotions. It makes us what we are... Humans. We feel. We cry. We pity.

Fragile, they say. "Sensitive", they continue to label us. What has the world become? Is human really that heartless now? To say that crying is a sign of weakness, and mock us for being delicate.

No, we are not weak. We are stronger than you are. We are capable of showing our fragile side to have compassion for others. We care, we love, we make the world a better place.

We don't put an armor around our heart. Embracing our emotions is never a bad thing.

Emotions are aesthetic. They are beautiful. To color the world with feelings, we express the beauty of our sentiments in a form of Art. With no emotion, art is simply bland. Tasteless. Nothing to be seen, nothing to be enjoyed. But emotions... It makes everything feel divine. Pure. Powerful.

A visual with no emotions is simply an empty vessel with no message. Film, without passion and love for it, will simply be a tool for capitalists to exploit money from the poor.

Art is an escapism. And emotions are the vessel of transportation for those who wants to escape reality.

Everyone wants to be happy. But without sadness, one can never appreciate happiness.

Without the feeling of giving up, one can never know how much victory really means.

Emotions... It's an important aspect for humans to stay humans.